Airport surface observation system

In a demanding environment such as an airport, it is important to have situational awareness. AirSurf makes it possible to determine and follow the position, speed and direction of vehicles, personnel and materials at any moment and under all circumstances.

AirSurf helps you with the improvement of safety at your airport through the use of a geofencing function. Using geofencing, a virtual boundary for the airport is created within which a person, vehicle or object must remain during given times. If a tracker is observed outside of this boundary, AirSurf will give off an automatic alarm. AirSurf offers you the possibility to keep an eye on the situation 24/7 without the necessity of maintaining a constant presence.


AirSurf will also give a warning signal if a potential risk is detected on a taxiway, a runway or at other critical locations. AirSurf can therefore help to prevent runway incursions and other incidents. In the case that an accident does occur, the availability of historical data collected by AirSurf for all trackers can help in the analysis of the cause of the incident. In this way AirSurf can also help to prevent recurrences in the future.


How does AirSurf work?

AirSurf uses GPS (Global Positioning System), a worldwide position tracking system. With this system it is possible to determine a position on Earth at any moment through the use of satellites. The position of every object is transmitted by the AirSurf tracker via a mesh network to the AirSurf server.


This mesh network ensures a robust wireless network with minimal infrastructure, that will perform reliably at even the most demanding airports. This technique, in combination with the advanced AirSurf server ensures an optimum localization of your vehicles, materials or people at the airport.


With AirSurf you have access to an online interface through which all data can be accessed. This allows you a full overview of all data quickly and from all locations. An added advantage of this is that there is no need to install any software. Everything is available online and is accessible by multiple users.

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